Starting out

This is the first step towards a bright retirement. Making a better world starts with you, which is why we're keen to look after your future financial wellbeing.

It’s vital to save for your future, so let's take control and get started. A better tomorrow starts here.


The great news is that it's not just you saving for your future - we also contribute, and the government gives you tax relief, too.

Automatic enrolment

Discover what auto-enrolment is and what it means for you.

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Your pension explained

Learn more about how your pension works, how much you and IMI pay in and what tax relief is.

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Want to join right away?

Joining the pension scheme early is really easy.

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Want to opt out?

We wouldn’t recommend opting out for most people. A workplace pension like this one is a terrific way to make sure you’re ready for retirement. But if you feel the pension isn’t for you, you can opt out of joining.

To opt out, head to IMI Optimize or Mercer Money and log into your account.

Because the government wants to encourage everyone to save, you'll automatically be re-enrolled every three years and would need to opt out again then if you still want to.

Remember, you can join or re-enrol at any time.

To join or re-enrol, simply fill in this form.